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Identica reaches 75 million notices

Failed Twitter competitor now example network of startup Statusnet, Identica, has reached a pretty decent sized milestone… 75 million notices, thats 75,000,000. The site has  been closing in on the milestone for a week now and we have been keeping our eyes on them to see when they hit it, well they did today.

The 75 millionth notice, as they call them, was posted at around 7 (pacific) this morning. The post is by “goodpolitics12” and stated “Some Illinois Public School Teachers Earning Six-Figure Salaries, But Not Many” with two links in it we won’t post here. The post was via Ping.fm which is a Seesmic owned company that we think is slowly falling to its death. It came from London but that is just a side note.

Identica goes all the way back to May 18th, 2008 when it first launched with the update of ” This is my first post.” By the user Evan, which is ironic the same first name of the primary founder of Twitter, Evan Williams (his last name is Prodromou however).

Identica hit 50 million (50,000,000) notices in September of last year, on 9/11 in fact. So if we do the math that means a little less than 100 thousand (100,000) notices a day since then, which is a decrees in between the 25 million and 50 million milestone marks. At this rate they should hit 100 million (100,000,000) notices on February 17th 2012.


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