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Is Twitter about to launch a photosharing service?

Yesterday word got out that Twitter was planning on launching an Photosharing service, today to be exact. Later “AllthingsD” reported that Twitter planned to announce the photosharing services (possibly called twitphoto.me, a URL that someone has bought in the last 24 hours and redirected to their site) at the D9 conference later this week. Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO, is currently set to speak at the conference on Wednesday, so that does make sense. However, now one of the Founders of Twitter Evan Williams has Tweeted that “How does a story that says “was not able to get sources to confirm” have a headline starting with, “Confirmed:”?” With a link to the AllthingsD article about the matter. This doesn’t lead us to believe that the services isn’t coming, we are pretty sure it is, it just might not be coming at the D9 conference and may not be coming for a little while now since the matter has gotten mainstream attention.


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