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Why Twitter is moving into the Photo business

Yesterday we reported that Twitter is launching a photosharing service, which has been confirmed, but we posted earlier that we weren’t sure if they were going to announce it at the D9 conference like the report said. Well we have gotten a little more information on it now. First of all, even though this is a direct attack on services like Twitpic and yfrog, Twitter has apparently reached out to them already, a long time ago, and informed them that they were moving into the business and that they should change what their services works on (maybe why Twitpic launched videos?) also we have learned that Twitter may be using the internally used domain at twimg.com that they have been using for some time now. The one thing we would like to note is that Twitter has had some issues staying up when it upscales but Twitter plans on hosting this new photo feature with Amazon 3s servers not their own. You will reportedly be able to upload strait from Twitter and a thumbnail of the photo will be shown in your Twitter feed, then you can click on it and it will show the photo as it does now when its posted from Twitpic, yfrog, etc.

We’ve heard from sources that Twitter is also likely to have a big time partner for this service, Apple. Specifically, Apple’s new iOS 5 5 will come with the option to share images to Twitter already in the OS. This would be the same, or similar to the way you can share Youtube video’s already, like shown in the thumbnail up above.

Apple announced today that it will be showcasing and launching the new iOS 5 for the first time at WWDC next week. This is why Twitter would want a services like this, and why they would want to get it live as soon as possible. We have no word from any other major photo players like Facebook and Flickr if about possible also being added to this new part of iOS 5 but it would make since, since they already have a deal for iPhoto with these companies. We will update you as this story continues to unfold, as i’m sure it will.


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