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Twitter under federal investigation… again

Reports have stated the Twitter is under federal investigation once again. Back in March they had an issue with the privacy of the site and were able to avoid any major damage or prohibition but this time could be different.

In spirng of 2010 Twitter started to declare that it was going to make some official features that had once been powered by 3rd party applications “official” parts of Twitter. Its start was when it bought Tweetie and made that its official iPhone and Mac app. Then it went on to develop apps for other phones.

This was followed by Twitter banning advertisements via 3rd party services so it wouldn’t have a competitor for its advertising program that it would soon launch.

Then a 3rd party service called Tweetup at the launch, which is now the service we have wrote about before called UberMedia decided since it couldn’t advertise it would start buying Twitter clients with its funding, and so it did.

It started off with Echofon then quickly picked up Twidroyd and UberTwitter to. Then all of a sudden when it looked like UberMedia was actually forming into a Twitter competitor, Twitter started getting aggressive. The site first of banned Twidroyd and UberTwitter for a little over a week, but their popularity forced them to force UberMedia to make changes to them and then reinstate them. Twitter then got competitive by paying almost 2 times more than UberMedia had offered to by Tweetdeck.

We have reached out to several companies on the matter. Twitter did not respond, the FTC declined to comment, and other app makers say that “our lawyers have advised us not to speak on the matter.” However, UberMedia did have something to say stating that “We have been contacted by the FTC and are in the process of complying to their requests.”

Today we have also learned from sources that Twitter plans to create a site to “offer up as much information as possible to developers and partners.” We will see where this one goes.



Tumblr launches iPhone app 2.0

Tumlbr has launched version 2.0 of its iPhone app, and its completely re done, making it allot easier to post to multiple blogs.

Tumblr announced the new launch of its Tumblr staff blog saying that the app:

has been recoded, rewired, and rethought from the ground up to offer you the very best of the Tumblr experience.

Some of the changes include a new UI for checking out the blogs you follow, creating new posts and managing several blogs. This basically puts the stuff on the old app that was much harder to access within a few clicks.

Tumblr has also rolled out features not previously on the app like writing and responding to messages and the ability to join within the app. Plus you can find new contacts using your phone’s address book.

The most major change however is how easy it has gotten to change between blogs. Now it only takes a few clicks, it used to take you going deep into advanced options and picking the blog you want to post to.

If the iPhone weren’t so hard to type on this app would have everything you need to blog right on it.


Twitpic founder tweets picture of himself getting arrested

What do you do if you own a popular photo sharing service? Tweet a picture of yourself getting arrested of course!

Moments ago Twitpic founder Noah Everett who has around 2.8 million followers tweeted that he was getting arrested and was in the back of a cop car, to prove it he decided to tweet a picture of the back of the cop car (pasted below).

We can’t tell yet why he was arrested or if he actually was, but if he was he has taken over sharring to a new level. This post will be updated when we know more.

Update: According to more recent tweets Everett was walking down his street naked. The tweets read as:

one that reads “by half naked I mean naked” which has been removed.

Pope sends first Tweet via iPad

Now we’ve seen it all, the Pope has used Twitter.

The Pope himself used the Vatican’s news account to send his first tweet in which he announced a new news portal, and of course praised Jesus.

The interesting thing is unlike the other tweets sent threw this account, this signal tweet was sent via an iPad. So does the Pope have an iPad? You bet he does! Or he used one to launch the new site anyway.

This really isn’t a surprise since this Pope has seen the launch of the official Youtube account, the Facebook app “Pope2You” and encouraged priests to blog. Welcome to Twitter Mr. Pope!

Lady Gaga gets a Tumblr

So we just announced some really good news for Tumblr, and now we have some almost as great. Lady Gaga has joined Tumblr.

The account launched Monday night and the posts are already receiving likes in the thousands, which isn’t a surprise it seems Lady Gaga takes over every social network she joins.

Tumblr has recently made it easier for users to share their music with a Soundcloud partnership and it is turning into a way for artists to promote there work.

Tumblr now doing 400 million pageviews a day

As we have noted it was impressive when Tumblr announced it was doing 250 million page views a day and now around a month and a half later Tumblr is doing 400 million.Well, thats what we thought anyway. It turns out that Quantacast wasn’t able to accurately accumulation the amount of visits to Tumblr do to a break in the code. So Tumblr is actually doing around 8.4 billion views.

Tumblr first noticed this issue last week when they saw a difference in their Google Analytics and the Quantacast number. It turns out that the broken code was only counting the amount of views on the actual dashboard, which is the most viewed page, not the hole site, once the issue was fixed there was a massive spike in the views, as this chart shows.

So what does this mean for Tumblr? Well just throw away all those other stats. Tumblr hit 400 million pageviews a day last Thursday, which is close to 5,000 pageviews a second. With this new data Tumblr is currently one of the top 25 sites in the US.

Kuwaiti citizens to be tried for tweets

Kuwaiti citizens are now being arrested for tweets, mostly for their tweets mentioning negative things about the currently ruling family or other countries ruling families.

Earlier this month Nasser Abul was arrested for tweeting criticism about the Saudi Arabian ruling family and now another Kuwait. Now its being reported that another man, Lawrence al-Rashidi has been arrested this time its for comments made about Kuwait’s own royal family.

According to sources both are being held for the next 2 weeks in till their hearing can be scheduled. They are being held on the accusation of harming the harming the interests and defaming the Kuwait emir.

Amnesty International has asked for the release of Abul saying that he is already facing a lawsuit from the Bahraini ruling family is said to be suing Abul for slander and defamatory remarks.

Twitter launches a guide for journalism

Twitter has obviously become an important factor for journalist who want to get break news faster than the competition. Now Twitter has released a guide to show journalist how to better use the tool.

The guide is called “Twitter for newsrooms” and isn’t really all that good for people who use Twitter on a daily bases, it would be pretty obvious if you do. Its nothing new just how to report, engage with followers, and use Tweets in the writing posses. But the fact that Twitter has launched its own official guide for journalist supports the fact that Twitter is a major part in the news business.

Facebook recently did something similar as it launched a Facebook page for journalist. It also kicked of a journalist meetup program.

Twitter also has the Twitter Media account and page for sharing recent major posts and TV mentions about Twitter.

sio.me coming to 3rd party clients, shout button

Sio.me the Shoutitout link shortening service has been having great success, as we reported. Well, we have done some digging and according to our sources Shoutitout is getting ready to expand the assess access to sio.me. It has plans to roll it out to many more beta testers (our own Pam Burlington is already one) and it also plans to roll it out to several 3rd party clients.

Shoutitout has been in talks with Seesmic and UberMedia (Twidroyd in particular) along with twitterfeed, say our sources. They also may be building auto shortening into their new mobile site, though we can’t confirm that one is just a rumor.

When added to Seesmic it would only be available on Android for the time being because only Seesmic for Android currently supports Shoutitout, same with Twidroyd because it only works on Droid. Twitterfeed would be from the web but that’s no surprise, the @admin account is already testing that one.

We have also been informed that Shoutitout plans to auto shorten links that are shared via the Shout button. They will allow you to remove this but you will need to know how to alter code without messing it up in order to do this.

We will update you with new posts if more information becomes available.

New Linkedin ads push recommendations and follows

Linkedin has introduced a new ad format that integrates users activity into ads. The changes announced if the Linkedin official blog include Facebook like inclusion of people you may know in your network banner ad. An example of this would be a recruitment ad could show you people in your network who could recommend you for the job.

Another new format makes you aware of the advertisers credibility by showing how many people have recommended or follow the company on Linkedin.

Linkedin ads are automated but so far have only rolled out to a moderate amount of users. Linkedin is still finding ways to allow tied in advertising without violating its users privacy, similar to the issues Facebook has had. It has even allowed users to opt out of being included in the ads when they follow or recommend a company.

Linkedin, which just went public last month, gathered about 73.9 million in advertising revenues in 2010, which is about one third the companies overall revenues but about 3 times more than in 2009.


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