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More signs of Twitter’s photosharing network

Well, we weren’t sure when we first posted it, but now we are sure, Twitter is coming out with a photosharing feature. The biggest news about this feature is when we heard that Apple’s new iOS 5 will be supporting strait to Twitter uploads. Now we have been informed by a tipster that a trigger happy iOS designer has already released a test link into the wild. The tipster also clued us into a http://a0.twimg.com/status_photos/ link he say in his Twitter feed. Shortly after it disappeared.

While Twitter has used http://a1.twimg.com/profile_images/ to host profile images for sometime now, the /status_photos/ part of it is new, or relatively new. Some Googling gives us three more signs of this. A test account posting photos on March 30th. We also found a Google cache of the protected Twitter office account (which allot of sites seem to have) posting the below photo on March 31st. This bizarre account was posting photos at this URL yesterday as well. Lastly, we found a Tweetmeme cache of Twitter designer Coleen Baik posting this photo from here account. The original tweet, not surprisingly, is nowhere to be found.

If what we’re hearing is correct, that this will be a simple image uploader strait to Twitter.com, then this use of /status_photos/ would make sense. We do, however, predict that this will be reformatted into something better, like http://twimg.com/3dkd (not a real photo, at the moment) for example.


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