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Twitter launches profile previews

We have obviously been snooping threw Twitter with all the recent news. What we have discovered,  this. We have no clue when it went live (we are investigating that) or exactly what it is, but basically it is a preview of a Twitter account you are trying to get to.

This new “preview page” we’ll call it shows the user you are trying to get too’s two most recent tweet, along with who they’re following and who is following them. If you are logged on to the account when you go to the page it also shows an “edit your profile” link.

We first discovered this when checking out the Twitter gadgets. Clicking the link on the top of an “embed your Tweets” widget will forward you to this page, not the actual Twitter profile like it used to. This new page is located at http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=microblognewss if you take our Twitter handle out and put your in, it should go to your profile page. So Twitter, having a big enough of a field day yet?

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