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Twitter shows Photo & Videos

After years of leaving photo sharing on Twitter to yfrog and Twitpic. Today Twitter has launched its own photo sharing service. “A native photosharing experience will be rolled out to 100% of users over the next couple of weeks” said Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said at the D9 conference.

This service means that photos and videos will be directly linked to Tweets. This service means that photos will be directly uploaded, and will be showed on twitter.com. Twitter will also show most popular photos and tweets in a new segment on the homepage, according to CEO Dick Costolo.

Twitter’s new partner in the service, Photobucket says “photots on Twitter will bare the tag powered by photobucket” which will go to a link that will allow Twitter users to farther edit and save their photos on Photobucket.

Twitter has stated something that we have been wondering for sometime now. The users will own the copyright content to their photos. Twitpic has had issues with this in the past and Shoutitout has split ownership with their users.

This is the official video posted by Twitter:



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