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Shoutitout plans to stay ahead of Twitter in the photo business

So, all the news about Twitter launching a photo service, and its finally here. pic.twitter.com will be used and a partnership with Photobucket as well, along with some major search improvments all rolling out in this huge photo launch that is killing off Twitpic and several other sites. But over the last week we have almost forgotten about the site that Twitter seems to be targeting with all these buys, and launches, Shoutitout.

Well, today Shoutitout posted a blog post explaining their future plans for their once Shoutitout-only picture sharing feature. First of all, Shoutitout plans to keep the feature that lets you forward photo Shouts to Twitter with direct links to the photo.

Secondly, Shoutitout plans to keep ahead of Twitter in the amount of photos it has uploaded. It has almost 900,000 photos uploaded and the number is growing, fast. It thinks it can keep a lead on Twitter in this subject and has every intention of doing so. Shoutitout also says that “We also have a far better developed photo feature than Twitter” and that they “plan to keep it that way.”

When they say they plan to keep it that way they mean by launching new features like crazy in this department in the next few months, the top question is, what will they launch? Well, we don’t know all of them but according to our sources there will be two very big launches.

The first launch is something we haven’t heard of before now, but our source is very reliable and we believe this is a true statement, Shoutitout has plans, and may even be currently developing a photo uploading API. Shoutitout currently only allows photo uploads via web and native clients, not API. This would change allot and maybe even give something for twitpic to do. We are sure they would go strait to their more popular third party applications like Hellotxt and Seesmic, the question that is coming up here is will they go to Tweetdeck, who was just bought by Twitter.

The second thing we have been told may be coming from Shoutitout is something we have heard out and about before but never been this close to confirming it, Photo albums. This feature would allow users to better sort their photos like they currently can on Facebook. We aren’t sure if they would call them albums or not or if they’ll make this a primary feature with comments on photo album pages and albums stored and massively advertised on profile pages but we are trying to find out more.


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