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yFrog says it wasn’t compromised in Weiner photo incident

Reports came up this week saying that yFrog’s email-to-upload feature had been compromised, which could have lead to Rep. Anthony Weiner’s “hack” in which a lwed photo was sent from his Twitter account to a Seattle College student. Yfrog has released a statement about this feature which it had impermanently suspended.

The congressman has denied he posted the photo which shows a clothed crotch shot of an unidentified man. He blames hackers but has not outright denied it is or isn’t a picture of him.

“The Daily Dot” recently pointed out that yFrog allows users to upload photos via email from any email address without a confirmation, which means if someone were to have assess to the email address of Weiner or were to have the means to figure it out, they could upload a photo to it and it would be published to his yfrog account and sent to his Twitter feed.

yFrog recently suspended this feature, a recent blog post reminds users of proper pin privacy practices and also states:

At Yfrog, we constantly evaluate our internal security mechanisms across all the facets of our service. Even though our email upload feature has not been compromised or broken into, we are taking this opportunity to evaluate the feature and secure it even further.

The translation of that, if we heard it right, seems to be that yFrog is saying it wasn’t responsible for the “hack” of Weiner’s account. The congressman has stated that his office is conducting an investigation using an outside firm to discover the origin of the picture.


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