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Google’s +1 on the way to kill Google Buzz

Google Buzz has not lived up to Google’s expectations, obviously. Even buzz users aren’t to excited about the service and Google hasn’t really done anything to enhance it since the few weeks after its launch.

Now here comes Google’s new attempt at social media, Google’s +1 button which will probably be popular for a while then flop like Google Wave and Buzz have done, but this might be the thing that kills of Google Buzz, or knocks it to the point that Google Latitude is in, no one even knows it still exist.

The last chance we give Buzz is that the Buzz tab appears right next to the tab that the Google +1 shares are posted on, and we are going to make the big assumption people actually check these Google profiles and see these things, and an even bigger assumption that they notice the Google Buzz tab and decide to try Buzz out again, but those are allot of assumptions and we don’t think it will happen.


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