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Moderate bug gets massive attention on Shoutitout

A moderate in importance bug that has  came up on Shoutitout’s new mobile site that causes the recent Shouts to show up in the comments section below a Shout, not the actual comments, has gotten mass attention on the site, so much that we have decided to write about it.

People talking about the bug is currently owning the trending topics as “previous shout” and “@feedback comments” are currently trending. The new HTML5 mobile site is currently only used by a few test Android and Blackberry users, but iPhone users can access it as of last week.

Shoutitout stated on their status blog the following:

When a user using the new iPhone app or Android try to view comments on a Shout on our new mobile site the Shout feed is shown with the recent shouts on the users timeline in the comments section, not the comments. This issue has to do with a screen of the phones as we don’t believe it is occurring on other kinds of phones (Windows & Blackberry) we are working on a fix and will deploy it as soon as possible.

We will update this article when a fix is deployed.

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