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Shoutitout launches “behind the scenes” account, rapidly goes viral

Shoutitout has launched an account for “behind the scenes” of Shoutitout. Basically, what the staff is up to at the headquarters and such. This account first Shouted around 3:30 pacific time today, and only has this one shout at the moment but has quickly gone viral.

The single Shout had rapidly picked up likes and the post hasn’t gotten full attention yet. The account has quickly grabbed badges as well with the reliantly easy badge to get “People know you” and a little more difficult to get badge, “hot stuff.” These badges are rewarded for 5 subscribers and a Shout with 5 likes. The account is in the top 30 most subscribed Shoutitout accounts all time and is the most subscribed account today.

We basically wanted to confirm this was a legit account but Shoutitout told us in a statement that any account with a keyword as a username, suck as sio, shout, or shoutitout would’ve been removed if they were to be created by someone not directly involved with Shoutitout.


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