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@willy reaches 100 subscribers

The most subscribed to/friended users (besides the auto mutually subscribed @admin) on Shoutitout has reached triple digits in subscribers.

@willy or as you may know him William Parish is by far the most subscribed to use on Shoutitout (again excluding @admin) and is followed by @ijustine but she trails by around 30 30 subscribers, though she has closed the gap some recently.

The subscription feature on Shoutitout is primary used for mobile purposes, usually when your on your phone you just want to see what your friends are up to, maybe shoot them a comment, but not get involved in a conversation. On the actual web site you have the option to view only your subscriptions (which some of the more popular users do) or you can view the public feed of the site which is displayed in default.

So @willy is the first user to get to 100 subscribers (besides @admin) wonder who will be the first to 1,000 (besides @admin again)? Guess we’ll find out.

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