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Twitter has begun to roll out photos to users

According to Twitter PR rep. Carolyn Penner Twitter has began to roll out the new photo sharing feature to users outside of the Twitter staff (and people who are iPhone devs and already have iOS5). The feature was being used by Twitter staffers early  last week but a lucky few users have finally got their try at it.

The new feature allows users to upload photos strait to Twitter, for those uninformed people read this. Now that users are starting to get this feature we know a little more about the feature. A good example would be that the upload photo button is next to the add locations button in the Tweet UI (see picture below) you will be able to upload photos from Twitter.com and attach them to tweets and you’ll eventually need to be able to use it on mobile clients.

As of right now the photo sharing feature is not available via the mobile site and it is currently set to yFrog.

Twitter is partnered with Photobucket for this new feature but wants us to make sure that everyone knows that you can upload photos without a Photobucket account and that these photos will not be on Photobucket.com (unless you hit the button that is pictured to the left and edit and upload that photo).

We also lastly know that if you click on a photo from someone you are not following this message will display: “This Tweet is from someone you’re not following. The media they’re mentioning could be anything, even something you might find offensive” with an option to display the photo (similar to what they do with services like Youtube and Twitpic now). You can choose to always show photos and to remove the auto display feature.



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