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Shoutitout reaches 1 million photos uploaded

Shoutitout has just reached a huge milestone, 1,000,000 photos Shouted. Thats about 1 in every 7 Shouts having a photo in them. The 1,000,000th photo was posted moments ago and we were waiting for it. The site has plans for some big development in the photo department, and this is a big start to it as they try to stay ahead of Twitter, like they said they were planning to. The site is also expecting a possible record breaking night tonight with game 6 of the NBA Finals coming up, and if there is one, game 7 could be even bigger. Shoutitout has a big week ahead of its self because they’re also getting validated over the week to determine there overall value so this could be a huge week for them, good or bad, it will effect their future, allot. Expect allot of Shoutitout articles this week, almost as many as we’ve had of Twitter recently.


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