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Tumblr now has more blogs than WordPress.com

According to there respective site counters, 4 year old Tumblr now host more of its blogthingys than WordPress.com, the 8 year old site, hosts of their blogs. In January Tumblr announced it was at 7 million blogs, well according to the counter on tumblr.com it is now at around 30 million. (Not to mention that fact its half way to 7 billion posts overall) it is also clocked in a little over 31 million posts, just today alone.

Now we can’t tell exactly the stats of WordPress.com but the site is currently hosting about 20,800,000 blogs as it closes in but is trailing Tumblr by around 100,000 blogs at this second. The thing we can’t be sure about just today is amount of posts today but according to WordPress’s stats page it averages 500,000 new posts a day and 400,000 new comments a day.

Now wordpress.com still trumps Tumblr.com in views per month (according to Compete) as the graph below shows, but Tumblr is slowly growing on it and already trumps other WordPress site, WordPress.org. Maybe we should switch to Tumblr before its to late!


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