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Shoutitout rolls out new simple API features

Shoutitout has its complex API that is confusing a best, just like Facebook and Twitter, but something that it has that Facebook and Twitter don’t is easy ways to do almost everything. Today they added two new things to those easy things, Subscribe to me buttons and embedding Shouts.

The subscribe to me button was announced but hasn’t gotten attention but has been out there. You can get this new button feature from Shoutitout’s API wiki. They give you some code that you slightly edit and it will link to your profile. Shoutitout also informs use they will be adding more customization to the feature over the next few weeks/months.

The embedding Shouts feature has been used by a few for a while now (including us) and will probably be a success. They give you several options on what to embed then show how to do it.

This may be the begin of a mass API roll out for Shoutitout, last summer is when their API really took off and a source of ours has informed us there may be a photo API in the works, which would make since with the recent Twitter photo launch and Facebook about to launch an photo sharing app, also since they just reached 1,000,000 photo uploads.


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