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Friendfeed kind of lives on in Tornado 2.0

Back when Facebook acquired Friendfeed every tech right who used the service had the same feeling. We were all happy for them, but new that Friendfeed was done. We were all right.

But one thing did come up, Friendfeed’s feature had mostly been bundled up by Facebook and put into an open source code Tornado. Developers have been putting it to good use as Quora and Hipmuck have been using it for example. Well, today comes version 2.0.

Ben Darnell announced the new version in the Tornado Google Group (IRONY) and the major changes are as follows:

  • Template output is automatically escaped by default; see backwards compatibility note below.
  • The default AsyncHTTPClient implementation is now simple_httpclient.
  • Python 3.2 is now supported.
Now i’ll admit I don’t even know what some of that means but the Tornado users seem to be excited. There is a bit more about it on the Tornado website including the warning that “Tornado 2.0 introduces several potentially backwards-incompatible changes”.
It is always great to see that the old Friendfeed software isn’t not only being used, but is also being updated. The weird thing is, is Facebook even involved in its building now? Other than the Github folder the code is actually in, it doesn’t appear so. Facebook was super excited about its original launch with a post on the developer blog, and a person post by Facebook now CTO Bret Taylor. Now all we get is a Google groups announcement, but who knows maybe Facebook will state more tomorrow.
Right now, it looks as if Darnell is fully in charge. On the commits page he and only one other have been using.
The former Google/Friendfeeder was put in charge of the program while he was still at Facebook but he shortly left afterwards to join start up Brizzly. Brizzly was then shortly acquired afterwards by AOL and we actually have no clue if Darnell is still at AOL or not but have sent out an email asking.
In other place, we have no clue who is working and building up Friendfeed, but hey as long as its still there, who can complain?

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