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sio.me isn’t bigger than t.co, but it is scale wise

Several social networks have there own link shortening services, it all started back when Facebook launched fb.me and since then its been a busy department. Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, and Google are just some of the web powers that quickly followed the example and launched their own link shortening services. One other site of note launched its own shortening service to, Shoutitout and sio.me, well today Shoutitout announced some new features and some stats about sio.me

First to start things off only 200 links have been made, but those links have been clicked more than Myspace’s link shortening services have, and its not even out of beta. Sio.me is rolling out new features and getting used a decent amount for a service still in beta. Shoutitout is also expecting to have a crazy launch to public day but first wants to prepare for it. It is inviting some more users to test the new feature and see how they like it first.

Something else to note is that Shoutitout said in its blog post that they’re talking about is adding it to 3rd party services but they don’t say which ones. Well, we have done some digging with our sources and they say that Shoutitout is actively communicating with Twitterfeed and Seesmic to add sio.me to options. They also are considering adding it to Shouts forwarded to Twitter not what is currently sent which is the http://myshoutitout.com/s/ format.

Shoutitout also launched a mobile version of it today which has been used somewhat but isn’t exploding as mobile link shortening has never really been a tested market.



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