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Old version of Twitter to be removed soon

Nine months after the launch of the new Twitter, Twitter is letting users know that they will force the change to new Twitter “very, very soon.”

The old version of Twitter has been an option for users to use and has always displayed a message asking the user to try out the new Twitter, that the user will be forced to at some point in the future, but today it changed to a little more urgent “You will automatically be upgraded to New Twitter very, very soon.” The color of the bar has been changed to yellow to catch the attention of the users.

We aren’t sure what Twitter means by very very soon, it could be hours, days, or weeks. We have emailed Twitter for a comment of that one. Meanwhile, it is obvious Twitter is ready to completely remove the old Twitter. A small number of Twitter’s 100 million plus users.

We are thinking of reason they picked now to change, and why they haven’t done it all ready. One of them is the new photo interface will not work on the old Twitter so they want to force users over to that from sites like Twitpic. Also they may have been keeping it for technical issues as they did force users back to the old Twitter once when they were forced to take the new Twitter down for several hours.


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