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Twitter could add promoted tweets to timelines

According to our sources Twitter is considering adding promoted tweets to timelines in a Groupon local advertisement type of way.

Twitter has been testing this kind of feature on Hootsuite for a little while now and it will obviously get mixed reviews from the Twitter users but some people will not be very happy about it. Twitter also messed around with the “quick bar” which put a promoted trend on the top of its app but due to mass protest and arguments against it Twitter removed the feature.

Our source also says that Twitter is considering adding Groupon like, timed, local deals to the feature but has no farther information on that subject.

Matt Graves, a Twitter rep will neither confirm nor deny the report as he says.

We are always talking with marketers about ways they could potentially get more out of Twitter. Some of these discussed concepts may materialize; others will not.

Adam Bain has earlier stated that Twitter experement with several forms of ads including text ads, and even banner ads on Twitter Japan home page. Twitter is also said to be considering on offering company branded profile pages.

Twitter is not the only site looking for new ways to advertise. Linkedin also announced a new ad segment focusing on following and recommendations.

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