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Twitter to add promoted tweets to timelines within next 2 months

We already stated our sources had informed us Twitter has intentions to add promoted tweets strait into your timeline, well we have done some digging and gotten a handful of information.

First of all the deadline for this will be 2 months, so sometime in the next two months expect this to start popping up, this is within the next 8 weeks according to several sources who have been informed on the matter.

Twitter has been courting advertisers the last few weeks assuring them that promote tweets was no test feature, it was for real. Twitter is indeed working on this feature and not by just leaving them on the sidebar or twitter.com, or on the top of search results, or even in your Hootsuite feeds. They not only intend to add them to your timeline, they plan to make them “sticky” so that they will follow you down no matter how far you scroll.

If this sounds familiar it may be because it is. Its the exact same idea as the “Quick bar” Twitter added to its iPhone app that was quickly renamed by users, the Dick bar in honor of Dick Costolo, the CEO. Twitter appears to be betting we will find the quick bar on the web far less annoying, and they’re probably right since we see banner ads on sites like Youtube and still go there everyday. Twitter has declined to comment on this story.

One thing we don’t know about is what the prices will be for these ads. Twitter plans to pull in 100 million which is a very small number compared to Facebook’s 3.5 billion in display ads alone.

We are betting there will still be a big revolt on this, we may be writing a little more about that later.


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