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sio.me coming to 3rd party clients, shout button

Sio.me the Shoutitout link shortening service has been having great success, as we reported. Well, we have done some digging and according to our sources Shoutitout is getting ready to expand the assess access to sio.me. It has plans to roll it out to many more beta testers (our own Pam Burlington is already one) and it also plans to roll it out to several 3rd party clients.

Shoutitout has been in talks with Seesmic and UberMedia (Twidroyd in particular) along with twitterfeed, say our sources. They also may be building auto shortening into their new mobile site, though we can’t confirm that one is just a rumor.

When added to Seesmic it would only be available on Android for the time being because only Seesmic for Android currently supports Shoutitout, same with Twidroyd because it only works on Droid. Twitterfeed would be from the web but that’s no surprise, the @admin account is already testing that one.

We have also been informed that Shoutitout plans to auto shorten links that are shared via the Shout button. They will allow you to remove this but you will need to know how to alter code without messing it up in order to do this.

We will update you with new posts if more information becomes available.


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