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Tumblr now doing 400 million pageviews a day

As we have noted it was impressive when Tumblr announced it was doing 250 million page views a day and now around a month and a half later Tumblr is doing 400 million.Well, thats what we thought anyway. It turns out that Quantacast wasn’t able to accurately accumulation the amount of visits to Tumblr do to a break in the code. So Tumblr is actually doing around 8.4 billion views.

Tumblr first noticed this issue last week when they saw a difference in their Google Analytics and the Quantacast number. It turns out that the broken code was only counting the amount of views on the actual dashboard, which is the most viewed page, not the hole site, once the issue was fixed there was a massive spike in the views, as this chart shows.

So what does this mean for Tumblr? Well just throw away all those other stats. Tumblr hit 400 million pageviews a day last Thursday, which is close to 5,000 pageviews a second. With this new data Tumblr is currently one of the top 25 sites in the US.


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