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Twitter under federal investigation… again

Reports have stated the Twitter is under federal investigation once again. Back in March they had an issue with the privacy of the site and were able to avoid any major damage or prohibition but this time could be different.

In spirng of 2010 Twitter started to declare that it was going to make some official features that had once been powered by 3rd party applications “official” parts of Twitter. Its start was when it bought Tweetie and made that its official iPhone and Mac app. Then it went on to develop apps for other phones.

This was followed by Twitter banning advertisements via 3rd party services so it wouldn’t have a competitor for its advertising program that it would soon launch.

Then a 3rd party service called Tweetup at the launch, which is now the service we have wrote about before called UberMedia decided since it couldn’t advertise it would start buying Twitter clients with its funding, and so it did.

It started off with Echofon then quickly picked up Twidroyd and UberTwitter to. Then all of a sudden when it looked like UberMedia was actually forming into a Twitter competitor, Twitter started getting aggressive. The site first of banned Twidroyd and UberTwitter for a little over a week, but their popularity forced them to force UberMedia to make changes to them and then reinstate them. Twitter then got competitive by paying almost 2 times more than UberMedia had offered to by Tweetdeck.

We have reached out to several companies on the matter. Twitter did not respond, the FTC declined to comment, and other app makers say that “our lawyers have advised us not to speak on the matter.” However, UberMedia did have something to say stating that “We have been contacted by the FTC and are in the process of complying to their requests.”

Today we have also learned from sources that Twitter plans to create a site to “offer up as much information as possible to developers and partners.” We will see where this one goes.



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