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The race for the top of Shoutitout

The race for most subscribed on Shoutitout has gotten really competitive recently. 24/25 of the top 25 users have the celebrity badge and 9 users have more than 100 subscribers, but two users have an edge on everyone.

A few weeks ago if you asked around  you thought @willy or William Parish would keep his lead for awhile to come and if anyone was to pass him it would be @iJustine or Justine Ezarik, but now someone else is closer to passing @willy since the site launched, @xfawnx or Fawn Mead, Shoutitout’s top English user.

The race is closer than its ever been with Parish only 4 subscribers ahead of the popular competitor, the @xfawnx Shouts mostly pictures and only Shouts about once a day, @willy Shouts allot more and is involved in allot more conversation but they both are way ahead of every, the closest being the 3rd most subscribed person besides @admin, @ijustine who has fallen down behind @xfawnx by 34 so she shouldn’t press a challenge anytime soon, which means it comes down to two.

The race is on for 500 it seems and it should be interesting to see who gets there first and if one of these two users can pull away from the other.


Someone bought the cliqset.com domain

As we reported a while back Cliqset had shut down for unknown reasons, but most likely money issues, the service owner is now working on a project called Glow. Well, since Cliqset let the domain go someone else has bought it threw GoDaddy and the domain is now parked with a “Coming soon” page.

The page doesn’t actually say coming soon, it says “CLIQSET, THE FUTURE IS NOW!” with an option login threw Instapages on Godaddy, I have a feeling this might have just been someone who bought the domain and has no intention to use it so it could be like this for a year before it gets back out of the market and someone buys it.

The sites views dipped but are still in the one hundreds every month according to Compete. So it still gets some views and I can see a major site buying and redirecting it to their site to throw in some extra views on people not planning to use it. Maybe Lifestreamfm Or AOL Lifestream.

@Redbull joins Shoutitout

Redbull the energy drink joined Shoutitout a few minutes ago after Lauren Williams changed her account nickname so Shoutitout has known this was coming for a few hours anyway.

Redbull has gotten allot of positive welcoming in the drink with many people including @willy, @pepsi and @mat.

This also makes the advertising microblogging war we brought up get a little more interesting because Redbull is another major company Shoutitout could get advertising with since they want to start testing it and Twitter has recently gotten involved, it adds to the list of Pepsi as companies that could go to Shoutitout and hurt Twitter.

WHERES HIS HEAD!?! OH $H!%!? = the longest trend on Shoutitout

Today an interesting trend has come up on Shoutitout, “WHERES HIS HEAD!?! OH $H!%!?” don’t worry, its just a joke.

William Parish Shoutitout’s founder/CEO was involved in a conversation with @mat and @quack in which they talked about the X Games and how someone might die, Parish then said that he would make this phrase a trend, and he did.

We emailed Shoutitout on the matter and they said that the trend will be there till the next update and that its just a joke, not to worry nothing different.

It did give us something to write about today so thanks Shoutitout, and again, hopefully no one dies at the X Games, we will write about it if they do, simply because of this.

Seesmic gets a Flickr plugin

As you may know Seesmic has a gallery of Plugins for its desktop app that you can use, now they add one more big one: Flickr.

Seesmic announced this launch with a tweet containing a link to a blog post about the Flickr add-on and according to them its very slick.

I don’t use Seesmic but its a pretty cool looking add-on that has a full list of Flickr contacts and new photos, as well as a “My photos” feed, like a timeline.

The feeds are in timeline form with 3 divisions, each photo has the ability to add to set, get info, add to group and add a tag. You can also comment.

This could become a very popular client on Seesmic, aside from Twitter, Facebook and their 3rd party services it could become a very popular one.

Screen shout of the plugin:

Republicans attack Obama on Twitter

This week has been interesting for politics connection to Twitter. First off the town halls, which got positive feedback, then the Tweet your reps, which has actually made Obama lose over 30,000 followers and now the republican party is attacking Obama, via Twitter.

These are examples of the tweets:

Obama tells US citizens to tweet about raising debt ceiling

U.S President Barack Obama has been huge on Twitter as of recently with the new white house sessions and the news of the debt ceiling. Not to mention today the president encouraged American citizens to email, call and tweet the members of congress about raising the ceiling.

This is a pretty big endorsement for Twitter since Obama never mentioned Facebook or anything of the sort.

If you are interested in looking up the handles of your congressmen and women you can use TweetCongress which we link to here.

One thing we are waiting for, a hashtag for this.

Google+ gets a feature update center

In response to heavy user feedback Google Plus has launched a feature update center.

This new “Whats new on Google+” section is basically a feed of new features and updates on Google Plus (most including videos). The posts are somewhat long but not to carried out.

The posts include the Youtube video explaining the feature, a text description, sometimes photos and a link to the post originally announcing the feature.

This is a nice add on but it would be nice of Google would create a Google Plus blog and allow users to use Google Reader to follow it and get push updates, however this is a start.

Here is a video explaining the new feature blog:

Twitter adds “Possibly sensitive” designation to tweets with media

Twitter has just announced to its 3rd party developers that it has added a field for “possibly_sensitive” content to its streaming API. This testing feature will eventually show up on Twitter.com.

Twitter developer Taylor Singletary writes:

Beginning today you may notice a new boolean field in API responses & streams containing tweets: “possibly_sensitive”. This new field will only surface when a tweet contains a link. The meaning of the field doesn’t pertain to the tweet content itself, but instead it is an indicator that the URL contained in the tweet may contain content or media identified as sensitive content.

During this initial testing phase, there’s nothing you need to do with this field and the field values cannot be relied on for accuracy. In the future, we’ll have a family of additional API methods & fields for handling end-user “media settings” and possibly sensitive content.

According to Twitter this feature means that Twitter users will eventually be flagging both their own, and other users content.

Twitter says that this will be on every 3rd party media service including Twitter’s own pic.twitter.com, it will appear down in the “Flag this media” button.

Promoted tweets are now in your timelines

As we reported, and confirmed last month, Twitter had plans to add promoted tweets into users timelines, there here.

Today our reporters and readers started reporting promoted tweets appearing in their timelines, my first was from Starbucks.

As far as we have heard this is only a test so the tweets will only appear in your timeline if you already follow that brand. As far as we know the tweets will appear at the top (or near it) on your timeline when you first log on to Twitter on any day. Then, it will be pushed down with new tweets like every other tweet but once you refresh it will go back up to the top.

These tweets will of course be stamped with the “Promoted” yellow arrow, and it will be a click away from the tweet being taken from your timeline.

Some of the earlier testers of this new feature on twitter.com are Starbucks, JetBlue, Gatorade, Groupon, HBO and Se =phora. There are also some nonprofit testers like The American Red Cross and Charity:Water.

These tweets will of course be relative to your Twitter interests, according to Twitter’s Adam Bain. He also says that:

It turns out that on Twitter, users are already interacting with ads on a level that most would be surprised by

Some facts are that according to Bain some Twitter ads see up to double digit percentages is users response, most display ads only have about .005%.

This is also a big launch because, as we recently reported, we think there could be a huge microblog advertising war coming on with sites like Plurk and Shoutitout also moving into advertising and money making water, who knows what this could start.

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