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Twitter to allow direct messaging to verified accounts without following

Well, as it it is now in order for anyone on Twitter to message anyone else on Twitter threw direct messages they have to be mutual following each other. Well, according to our sources this will change, Twitter is going to start allowing verified accounts to message people who they aren’t following.

This makes allot of sense to us because Twitter is used for several contests in which personal information is used in like adresses. The popular user will then have to follow the winner of the contest in order to message back and forth, then un follow the user once the conversation has been finished.

We don’t know if this feature is going out across the board, however it does appear that the feature is already on the Tata DOCOMO account, who tweeted:

Now to DM us all you need to do is follow @tatadocomo. No need for us to follow you first. Tested and its working.


2 responses to “Twitter to allow direct messaging to verified accounts without following

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