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Twitter now worth 7 billion

According to a recent report Twitter is now worth almost double its last valuation, 7 billion dollars.

The report also says that the company is busy raising 100s of millions of dollars. In December, the company was valued at 3.7 million when it got a 200 million dollar round fund.

Why has there been such an increase in validation? Twitter was once a company without much of a business plan is now a social media stamp looking to raise a revenue.

Twitter just announced that it was going to add promoted tweets to timelines. Also it is expected to earn around 150 million dollars this year. It also recently announced it has plans to allow small businesses to get in on the advertising game.

As its competitors go public, like Linkedin and Facebok, Twitter is focusing on building a better way to earn money and a stronger production team.

The upcoming advertising platform will function like Google AdWords.


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