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Linkedin becomes 2nd most used social network is US, Twitter right behind

Linkedin has just surpassed Myspace for US visitors, becoming the 2nd largest social network in the US, behind Facebook. Linkedin got its visitor boost from its IPO in May, and Myspace was acquired recently, so maybe its new owners can restore it and remove it from its current troubles.

Twitter posted its record traffic for the US in June in which it saw 30 million visitors. You must not forget the fact that Twitter also has VERY popular apps and 3rd party clients so its actually probably used more than these stats show.

Facebook also had an all time high in US traffic despite having troubles getting members from the US in recent months. Facebook saw 160 million which is up around 2 million.

Tumblr had a good month but not its best, Tumblr is focused in on its international growth though, not United States.

Don’t forget however Myspace is biggest than Linkedin overall, and Twitter is biggest than Myspace and Linkedin international however.


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