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Why Pingfm removed Shoutitout support

Around a year ago when Seesmic bough Pingfm, the site for sending messages to several social networks, it removed several services from its list, the most major one was Shoutitout. We since have been wondering why, well we now know.

It turns out there was several reasons, one was that Pingfm was being used for allot of Shoutitout spam, both companies were looking for a fix when the acquition happened, Seesmic, the acquiring party saw an opportunity to take advantage of and did, removing Shoutitout support.

This moved on to the second reason, they wanted to boost the popularity of Seesmic being used to Shout, which is why they focus manly on Android when it comes to Shoutitout, that seems to be Shoutitout’s biggest phone market. Thus since Pingfm was the, at the time, the biggest Shoutitout 3rd party client they removed the competition.

One thing did backfire, Android is now the newest popular 3rd party application.


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