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Google’s +1 already more popular than Twitter’s tweet button

Google’s +1 button has only been out for around a month, and its already more popular than Twitter’s tweet button, on major sites at least.

Out of the top 10,000 sites on the web the Google +1 button is now on around 4.4% of those top 10,000 sites, while the Twitter plugins are only on 3.6% of those sites.

Both of them however, Google and Twitter, trail Facebook’s share plugin, also known as the like button by a considerable note, the Facebook like button is on almost 20% of those sites.

The “Twitter share” in the chart below is the Twitter tweet button.

To put these stats up against the Facebook like button, it went out onto around 50,000 sites within a week of its launch, almost 100,000 after a month. You must note though that the Google plus button was out of nowhere and not highly advertised at first while web giant Facebook put its like button out there and made sure everyone new to use it.

You should also note that this does not include links on the homepage to Twitter and Facebook feeds, however around 51% of those top 10,000 sites have no links to their Twitter or Facebook profiles on their sites.

Google declined to comment on this report.


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