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twitterfeed publishes to Shoutitout almost as much as Twitter

RSS feed sharing service twitterfeed has become a very popular client on Shoutitout in the last year or so. It wasn’t used much at first launch of the Shoutitout feature but then got popular once power Shoutitout accounts such as the official @admin account and @cnn account started using to to forward blog posts to their Shoutitout accounts.

Since then it has climbed up the Shoutitout API popularity pole and has even been the most popular client for a while, now it isn’t as popular as Android and others have given it a challenge but it is still very poplar on Shoutitout.

Now its Twitter popularity has been dropping because of competitors such as Hootsuite and Dlvrit 3rd party applications. Both of these 3rd party applications have attempted to compete with twitterfeed on Shoutitout but Hootsuite never had any sucsess and Dlvrit is slowly falling off the charts.

Now that twitterfeed is holding its dominance in this category on Shoutitout but losing its place on Twitter, it is now just as popular on Shoutitout as it is on Twitter, not scale wise, but actual amount of updates posted threw it wise. That is allot of updates.


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