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Will we be covering Google Plus?

Google Plus, Google’s correct social network. This is our first post about it yes, allot of people have been asking if we are considering it a microblog, and if we are going to start covering it. Well, yes we consider it a microblog, and yes we are going to start covering it.

We have a good reason w haven’t already started covering it, we are still waiting to see if Google has FINALLY gotten social media right, or if this is just another hyped up social network that will fail. We will find out if it fails or not but it seems to be doing better than Google Wave did and Google Buzz with “millions of members” and its still in the invite stage.

Once Google Plus open up it will erupt in popularity, we can already tell you that with all the invite requests we have gotten, and yes we do have some but we aren’t giving them out at this moment.

A question did pop up when we started talking about Google Plus at today’s briefing this morning, we started wondering what will happen to Google Buzz, most likely it will quietly be redirected over to Google Plus, or its profiles converted to Google Plus profile.


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