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Google+ Gmail integrations are already being worked on

Well, Gmail and the email world is slowly falling apart since the revolution of social media, and now Google is jumping into the wagon with “several Gmail Google+ integrations.”

In fact Google+ is so int0 the idea of putting more of the Gmail services into Google+ they are having a live brainstorming session in a Google+ hangout, the main topics of the session being:

I’m pretty sure that all of you use some email client – many probably Gmail. But regardless of the client:
– What email features would make it easier to interact with Google+?
– How could we integrate Google+ features into Gmail?
– How can we integrate social concepts in Gmail to make the email experience itself better?

The one thing of note is doesn’t that sound like another Google Wave or Google Buzz failure? Sure, if Google handles it poorly. But Google isn’t handling it poorly right now and is putting everything they have into making Google+ a monster social network. In fact according to predictions Google+ could be the fastest site ever to go from zero to 100 million users, but that is WAY far away so lets not get ahead of our selves here.


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