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Shoutitout down after another day of soccer

Update: It appears we are going back to the old days, well for tonight. Shoutitout is still down after around 40 minutes of downtime. We had stated to hope that mass amounts of microblog downtime was coming to an end, guess we misplaced our hope. Don’t be surprised if something happens like Twitter goes down for example.

Update 2: This is now Shoutitout longest consecutive downtime since it launched, it was previously a pretty impressive 45 minutes but Shoutitout has now been down for around 1 and a half hours nonstop. They still have a ways to go for most downtime in one day since they are eastern time zone the downtime has gone threw two days. They also have 0% uptime on July 12th as well.

Update 3: Shoutitout is back up after about 4 hours and 30 minutes of downtime. We will publish a new post tomorrow about what happened when more information if available.

Shoutitout is currently down, and we mean down, it seems to not only be down but be down hard. The site went out about 10 minutes ago and has been giving us a 500 error page since then, but this isn’t the regular 500 error pages its a very rough version of the 500 error page that is simple text and whiteness on a page in a list.

We aren’t aware yet as to what is causing the issue and Shoutitout is yet to comment on it but it is down we can assure you that.

It is important to note that in 2010 after the USA scored a crazy soccer goal in late time against Algeria Shoutitout went down later that night because of over capacity, this may be something similar as the USA women did a similar thing today.

Another thing to note is that the site has had a bussy day with a new record of likes per post and we believe it was also a record day for likes overall.

We aren’t sure if the API is down but do know that the mobile sites and applications are down and that the site its self is down. As this story progresses we will keep you updated, depending on the majority of the news will decide if its on this post or not.


One response to “Shoutitout down after another day of soccer

  1. aguy July 11, 2011 at 4:35 am

    Shoutitout needs to get itself back up!

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