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Disc failure took Shoutitout down for 4 hours

As you almost definitely know Shoutitout was down for around 4 and a half hours last night and into tomorrow morning. The site new that it was down and it just took forever to fix this issue.

Shoutitout has for filled their promise to publish a very… very… long blog post about what happened and how they are working to fix it. Now we will tell you what they said here like we promised we would.

As you may know by now due to the amount of Shouts mentioning it Shoutitout had a very major downtime last night, in fact it was our longest downtime ever, by far.

What happened (For the tech advanced):

Sol allot of you have been wondering exactly what happened. We somewhat told you in our status blog but we will just reinform you here. Basically, a server is put together with disc that process and store things. Well Shoutitout is designed so that newer Shouts photos etc are stored on some disc, then older ones stored on another large group of discs, and the other things on Shoutitout are split up in the remaining, however, there are a few connectivity disc or joint disc as we call them that basically weave everything together. Last night several of those went out so not only did we have to trace which ones one by one but we had to remove them all together purge them of data to prevent any stole data (which has been completed no worries there) then set up replacements. We also had slow internet.
The simple explanation:
Some of the server discs went out and it caused a connectivity loss that crashed the site. We also had slow internet.
Is what Shoutitout had to say for what cause the downtime, pretty simple to understand, very hard issue to track down and fix. Now this is what they had to say about what they have done to prevent farther downtime:
In order to prevent farther downtime we are setting up backups, for everything, even the things we didn’t think of, we just thought of them, and they’re getting backups. We will make sure every last thing that could take the site has enough backup space to hold what is on them times 3 (this doesn’t mean its 3 times bigger FYI).
Ok, the usual announcement after a downtime “we are making sure it will never happen again” note this never keeps a site from not going down again. Then they said what caused the disc failure:
This is the part that we… well put it this way you may include the #hashtage #facepalm with this blog post when you Shout it. Us, trying to be our productive selves, acidentially caused the issue by upgrading the servers to take in more data because of the major increase in Likes and Shouts because of the whole USA Brazil soccer fiasco, and we didn’t want to go over capacity like we did because of the Landon Donovan goal VS Algeria.
So soccer, once again causes Shoutitout to crash. Keep an eye out for some downtime when the USA takes of France later this week.

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