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Jaiku was just down… did you notice? I doubt it

Remeber that site Jaiku! You know, the Finland startup that launched just weeks after Twitter along with Pownce that was supposed to be the Twitter competition? It was just down!

The site is now back up but it was down for around 4o minutes, you know how many internet updates we found across all the social networks complaining about it like you could find when any other major service goes down? We found none, zero, no one noticed, or cared enough to say anything about it.

I still wonder why Google hasn’t taken down Jaiku yet. It is a failure there is no doubt, parts of it don’t work, it hasn’t been updates in over 2 years, no one uses its open source software, I honestly don’t think Google even realizes it still is up.

It had one last hope though, its traffic had a major boost a few months ago, so major in fact it looked like there was a shot and making a comeback. You know what happened? Shoutitout launched sio.me, and Jaiku went strait back down. It seems that Jaiku is falling off the charts as Shoutitout and Twitter finish it off.

This isn’t the first service that has recently given in the quits that has been targeted by the rather of Shoutitout and Twitter. Youare.com a nifty site that had been around since 2008 also shut down and is currently trying to sell its domain (rumor has it that Shoutitout may be trying to buy the domain).

If you go on Jaiku right now all you will see is spam so we recommend you don’t waste your time doing it. Just stay on your Twitter’s, Plurk’s, and Shoutitout’s.



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