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The glitchy new Techcrunch

Techcrunch.com, one of the worlds most popular tech blogs has launched a full scale redesign today, and its… interesting.

Techcrunch to this day has redesigned 3 other times then the one today, which for those who are mathmatically challenged equals 4, and their new design is interesting at best.

We don’t not like their new design its just, we can’t really describe what we think about it and we have been trying for the last few hours, the closest we came was interesting.

The new design features really big letters and very standout trending articles, not to mention the new logo that looks like it was made on Minecraft (but according to Techcrunch it was made on some AOL editing package we have never heard of).

To this day, since the AOL acquition Techcrunch hasn’t really changed much, which is a surprise since AOL likes to rebrand things to their name. It has had an AOL Tech logo but that isn’t major. This new design changed this a little bit as it added a “Also on AOL Tech” box to the bottom of the site with 2 other “also on…” boxes.

We are just going to put our opinion out there bluntly, we don’t hate the new design like allot of people are and will, but the old one was probably a little better. I do, however, get the feeling this design change will cause dramatic traffic changes, negative or positive? Your guess is as good as mine.

The new 404 error pages are hilarious though!


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