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1 billion thing shared a day is nice Google+… Twitter does 35 billion

The stat that Larry Page threw at us yesterday that seemed to surprise allot was that Google Plus’s 10 million users were already sharing 1 billion things a day. At first we thought this was amazing but then we noticed that we don’t now what “things” means so we can’t be sure how big that is exactly.

Then today Twitter basically just slapped Google Plus across the face with a Twitter from Twitter engendering, and after 5 years exactly (happy 5th Twitter!) Twitter has announced its users share 350 billion things a day.

Then both companies defined “share” which means that the service delivers a update to a certain user, so some tweets end up being “shared” millions of times, same as Google Plus users.

The weird thing is that the big social network called Facebook, yeah it only shares 5 billion things a day. Why is that number so low? We aren’t exactly sure.


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