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Shoutitout’s next targets will be Plurk and Friendfeed

The way Shoutitout has had its success is by targeting two sites and launching features to compete with them with the ultimate goal of becoming a large Twitter competitor.

When they first launched their targets included Sweetter.net, microblog.com, and Qaiku.com. Sweetter is now only an open source project, microblog.com has shut down, and Qaiku is still up but basically holding still at around 1,000 views a month.

Shoutitout then moved onto targeting Jaiku.com and Youare.com. Youare recently shut down and is looking for a buyer for its domain and Jaiku is basically filled with spam an no one cares about it as we mentioned in a recent post, it hasn’t even been updated since 2009. So they seem handled.

So who is next for Shoutitout? We originally thought perhaps Cliqset but they sadly shut down which narrows it down to 3 sites we can think of. These sites are identi.ca, which isn’t updated often so should be an easier target, it is also almost even with Shoutitout so that one should be passed quickly. Then we have the popular Asian site Plurk.com and lastly Friendfeed.

Out of these the hardest to target will be Plurk, Friendfeed is actually the biggest but it is not updated anymore so should be passable. Plurk, on the other hand updates often and is rolling out new features all the time.

Plurk also just opened up another office which means more features will come out so we are looking forward to an epic back and forth battle between Shoutitout and Plurk over a step closer to the next level of Tumblr and Orkut.


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