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Harry Potter is winning the battle on Facebook and Twitter but not Shoutitout

Harry Potter is currently dominating conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc etc… but one site has stated that its actually not the most popular movie on the site so far that site would be Shoutitout.

A Shout from owner of Shoutitout @willy says that Horrible Bosses has actually been mentioned more than Harry Potter in the last few days.

We emailed Shoutitout on the subject and its a very close race, they both have lots of mentions but Horrible Bosses has been leading the overall mentions the whole way threw.

Since then Harry Potter only has had more mentions in an hour once, and that was at around midnight pacific time when people on the east were Shouting that they really enjoyed it, and people on the west said that they were going to go see it.

So it seems like Harry Potter isn’t dominating every single social media outlet. Twitter and Facebook have also gotten allot of mentions about the Horrible Bosses movie as well just not has many has Harry Potter.


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