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Shoutitout API hits 500,000 Shouts posted via

Twitter recently hit a huge milestone for its API, 1 million registered clients. Well, today Shoutitout has hit a pretty large milestone, 500,000 Shouts have been posted via the API.

The Shoutitout API went public last summer and got popular quickly. It has been growing and changing often and has had some major parties involved like Tweetdeck and Seesmic. In fact Seesmic may have bought Pingfm for the sole purpose of dominating the Shoutitout API, which they have failed to do since rival Tweetdeck (now owned by Twitter) is actually more popular than Seesmic even though Seesmic offer Shoutitout connection threw several of its clients.

The Shoutitout API is growing steady for the last year as new features role out to it slowly but surly.

We recently wondered what caused the success of the API, we learned it does over 10 million requests a day which is amazing for a API of its size so we decided we were going to track down how it was so successful. So the reason? Shoutitout teaches its less advanced at coding users how to edit the things it allow users to embed to have certain features that will take up more requests, like changing the color of the embed widgets or allowing users to login threw Shoutitout.



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