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The last 4 days have raised Shoutitout’s value by almost 100k

As you probably have noticed, and we will talk about (IF IT EVER STOPS!?) is that Shoutitout has had quite the week.

So far the stats we know are, the last 3 days have been the most Shouts per day ever. There was, at one point, 11 Shouts a second. Lastly, there have been around 1.7 million Shouts since this all started.

I have Shouted some but have mostly just watched as shouts pour down the feed, the down side is that Shoutitout’s bill will skyrocket, but they recently switched to Amazon Cloud hosting so it shouldn’t be to bad. There is also a good side.

This crazy amount of Shouts has gotten the attention of several investing firms, the primary one is Porter Partners who is looking to invest 5.5 million in a “Twitter competitor.”

Shoutitout’s product is worth around 97,000 dollars but with the amount of money invested in it the site is worth around 4 million.

If the rumors we hear (and they are rumors) are true then Shoutitout could see a round of up to 20 million, which is HUGE for a site its size and would make it worth 24 million, which is notable.


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