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Google+ to start challenging Facebook with cheap fees for game developers

According to a source, Google is getting ready to roll a game network into Google Plus, similar to Facebook’s games.

So if Facebook isn’t already worried about Google Plus being so popular, and launching a gaming network then how about this, Google plans to take less of the money earned away from the game developers. Google Plus will also, unlike Facebook, host games on its own servers which will make them faster and less buggy (and again cheaper for the developers.)

The Google+ code shows signs of a Google Plus gaming network, and Google has invested around 200 million dollars in popular Facebook gaming company Zynga but there is no official word about if/when a Google Plus gaming system will launch nor what it will look like.

According to our sources Google would only charge around 5% of the money earned which is a major undercut of the stander ed set by Facebook and Apple of 30%.

Code showing signs of gaming:



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