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Get ready for the microblogging advertising war

As Twitter and Shoutitout get ready to start full out advertisements on their sites, we’re getting ready for what should be an interesting advertising revenue earning war.

Neither site currently ears revenue but Shoutitout splits almost even. Both sites have had blog posts, communication, and even tested advertising features on their sites so here it comes, the advertising war.

Think about it when you love social media you pick a site, you have the Facebook lovers who love sites with advanced sharing, then there are people who like the just as complexly built but easier and easier to use social networks like Twitter, Shoutitout, Orkut and others.

These two sites are going to start arguing over advertisers and offer special deals to bigger companies, we already can tell you where it will start… Pepsi.

Pepsi has a Shoutitout and Twitter account and is very popular on both so they’ll be the prime company to start it, they’ll want to launch a social media ad campaign and both sites will fight to get them.

As far as we see it users will like the Shoutitout advertising better, less of it, and more popular users will even be able to earn money off it (from the way its looking so far anyway) so it should be interesting.

We will keep covering this as it gets ugly, which it will, don’t doubt it for a second.


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