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Plusroulette is Google Hangouts + Chatroulette

Part of Google’s new social networking platform is Google Hangouts, a video chatting feature that lets you communicate with up top 10 people at once, you can even share things like a Youtube video in the chat and everyone can talk about it while watching.

So it was only a time till someone tried it use this feature to create a video like chatting service similar to viral Chatroulette, ergo here comes PlusRoulette.

This new site takes advantage, and makes it easier to find and create public chat hangouts which are allowed but you have to list them, with this it auto makes and lists then and your name is associated with the Google Plus hangout so it solves the penis problem, till the fake accounts start coming anyway, which actually makes this a good idea.


4 responses to “Plusroulette is Google Hangouts + Chatroulette

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