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Promoted tweets are now in your timelines

As we reported, and confirmed last month, Twitter had plans to add promoted tweets into users timelines, there here.

Today our reporters and readers started reporting promoted tweets appearing in their timelines, my first was from Starbucks.

As far as we have heard this is only a test so the tweets will only appear in your timeline if you already follow that brand. As far as we know the tweets will appear at the top (or near it) on your timeline when you first log on to Twitter on any day. Then, it will be pushed down with new tweets like every other tweet but once you refresh it will go back up to the top.

These tweets will of course be stamped with the “Promoted” yellow arrow, and it will be a click away from the tweet being taken from your timeline.

Some of the earlier testers of this new feature on twitter.com are Starbucks, JetBlue, Gatorade, Groupon, HBO and Se =phora. There are also some nonprofit testers like The American Red Cross and Charity:Water.

These tweets will of course be relative to your Twitter interests, according to Twitter’s Adam Bain. He also says that:

It turns out that on Twitter, users are already interacting with ads on a level that most would be surprised by

Some facts are that according to Bain some Twitter ads see up to double digit percentages is users response, most display ads only have about .005%.

This is also a big launch because, as we recently reported, we think there could be a huge microblog advertising war coming on with sites like Plurk and Shoutitout also moving into advertising and money making water, who knows what this could start.


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