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Twitter adds “Possibly sensitive” designation to tweets with media

Twitter has just announced to its 3rd party developers that it has added a field for “possibly_sensitive” content to its streaming API. This testing feature will eventually show up on Twitter.com.

Twitter developer Taylor Singletary writes:

Beginning today you may notice a new boolean field in API responses & streams containing tweets: “possibly_sensitive”. This new field will only surface when a tweet contains a link. The meaning of the field doesn’t pertain to the tweet content itself, but instead it is an indicator that the URL contained in the tweet may contain content or media identified as sensitive content.

During this initial testing phase, there’s nothing you need to do with this field and the field values cannot be relied on for accuracy. In the future, we’ll have a family of additional API methods & fields for handling end-user “media settings” and possibly sensitive content.

According to Twitter this feature means that Twitter users will eventually be flagging both their own, and other users content.

Twitter says that this will be on every 3rd party media service including Twitter’s own pic.twitter.com, it will appear down in the “Flag this media” button.


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