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Seesmic gets a Flickr plugin

As you may know Seesmic has a gallery of Plugins for its desktop app that you can use, now they add one more big one: Flickr.

Seesmic announced this launch with a tweet containing a link to a blog post about the Flickr add-on and according to them its very slick.

I don’t use Seesmic but its a pretty cool looking add-on that has a full list of Flickr contacts and new photos, as well as a “My photos” feed, like a timeline.

The feeds are in timeline form with 3 divisions, each photo has the ability to add to set, get info, add to group and add a tag. You can also comment.

This could become a very popular client on Seesmic, aside from Twitter, Facebook and their 3rd party services it could become a very popular one.

Screen shout of the plugin:


One response to “Seesmic gets a Flickr plugin

  1. DJH August 24, 2011 at 2:57 am

    But then everyone realized it was a half-assed implementation.

    First off, it doesn’t work if you are using flickr with a facebook/gmail account.

    Second, if you link it to your account, the app integration name is ‘test’.

    This looks like someone’s 20% time was thrown into production without very much testing.

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