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Someone bought the cliqset.com domain

As we reported a while back Cliqset had shut down for unknown reasons, but most likely money issues, the service owner is now working on a project called Glow. Well, since Cliqset let the domain go someone else has bought it threw GoDaddy and the domain is now parked with a “Coming soon” page.

The page doesn’t actually say coming soon, it says “CLIQSET, THE FUTURE IS NOW!” with an option login threw Instapages on Godaddy, I have a feeling this might have just been someone who bought the domain and has no intention to use it so it could be like this for a year before it gets back out of the market and someone buys it.

The sites views dipped but are still in the one hundreds every month according to Compete. So it still gets some views and I can see a major site buying and redirecting it to their site to throw in some extra views on people not planning to use it. Maybe Lifestreamfm Or AOL Lifestream.

One response to “Someone bought the cliqset.com domain

  1. Jason October 27, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    The reason they gave up the name was because of trademark infringement. They new owner of cliqset.com will find itself in a big lawsuit….

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